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About Us

Established in 2011 as the principal European distributor for its sister company Tenacore Holdings, Inc, Tenacore UK Ltd has grown to become a trusted medical equipment and repair service provider for hospitals and distributors throughout the UK, Europe and Australia.


Benefitting from Tenacore Holdings’ years of experience, industry knowledge, and resources, Tenacore UK has been able to economically increase the quality and longevity of their customers’ equipment without jeopardising patient safety.


As a service provider, Tenacore offers repairs, exchanges, and replacement parts for SPO2 products, fetal transducers, oxygen blenders, suction regulators, modules, telemetry transmitters, bedside monitors, ECG/EKG cables, infusion pumps, ultrasound probes, and flexible and rigid endoscopes. Our repair services offer tremendous value for money and are a viable alternative to repair and replacement with the OEM. To learn more about any of our repair services click here.


Tenacore UK Ltd also serves as a distributor for Tenacore Holdings’ OEM compatible fetal transducers and line of oxygen blenders, blender overhaul kits, and flowmeters. Our products provide a quality and cost-effective alternative to OEM products. To learn more about any of our products click here.

At Tenacore, we are committed to quality and patient safety. Our compatible accessories are manufactured and our repair services are performed under ISO 13485:2016 certified quality management systems. Quality control inspections are performed on all finished devices and repairs using test equipment calibrated at specific intervals and traceable to NIST standards. Whether purchasing new equipment or sending your equipment in for repair, you can be assured your equipment is working to specification and patient ready.

We look forward to any opportunity to support your service.

To learn more about our sister company, Tenacore Holdings, Inc click here.

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