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Oxygen Blender Overhaul Repairs

Oxygen blenders are crucial in delivering precise mixes of medical air and oxygen to patients. To maintain this precision, manufacturers recommend biennial overhauls. Tenacore recognises the critical nature of these devices and offers a thorough overhaul service that ensures your blenders meet and exceed OEM specifications.

OEM Trained Engineers
ISO Certified
7-10 Day Turnaround
1 Year Warranty
Loaners and Exchanges
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Breathe Easy with Tenacore: Comprehensive Oxygen Blender Overhaul Services

Our Standard Blender Overhaul Process:

  1. Complete Disassembly: Every unit is meticulously taken apart to ensure every component is accessible for inspection and cleaning.
  2. Thorough Cleaning: Utilising ultrasonic baths, we cleanse components to remove any contaminants that could affect performance.
  3. Inspection and Replacement: Each component is carefully inspected. Necessary replacements are made to ensure optimal functionality (*additional charges may apply for certain components).
  4. Seal Renewal: We replace all o-rings, filters, and diaphragms to ensure the integrity of the blender.
  5. Reassembly: The unit is reassembled with precision, restoring it to its original condition.
  6. Testing and Calibration: Every blender is tested and calibrated according to OEM specifications to guarantee accurate performance.
  7. Full Service Report: We provide a detailed service report, offering transparency and assurance in the work completed.

All overhauls are performed at our state of the art facility using only the highest quality parts, which have been rigorously sourced for biocompatibility. Blender overhauls are performed under an ISO 13485:2016 certified quality management system and are warranted for 12 months.

Support for DIY Overhauls:

For those who prefer to perform blender overhauls in-house, Tenacore offers overhaul kits equipped with all necessary components. Contact Us for more information on purchasing these kits and ensuring your overhauls meet the highest standards.

Choose Tenacore for your oxygen blender overhauls and experience the difference of exceptional service, unwavering commitment, and dedication to patient care.

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Consistent Support

Expertise You Can Trust

OEM Trained Engineers: Our team's comprehensive training ensures your equipment is serviced to the highest standards, leveraging in-depth knowledge and specialised expertise.

Commitment to Quality

ISO Certified: Reflecting our commitment to quality control management and customer satisfaction, our facilities adhere to the ISO 13485:2016 certification, ensuring excellence in every repair.

Continuity of Care

Loaners and Exchanges: To ensure uninterrupted patient care, Tenacore offers loan units and exchange options, keeping your operations running smoothly while your equipment is being repaired.

Transparent Service

Flat Rate and Tiered Pricing: Our transparent service process ensures you’re fully informed about the scope and cost of your repairs from the outset.


7-10 Day Turnaround: We understand the speed of repairs is critical. Our efficient repair process guarantees a quick turnaround, minimising the downtime for your equipment.


1 Year Warranty: Our comprehensive 12-month warranty underlines the quality of our repairs, providing you with assurance and peace of mind in the reliability of your equipment.

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